Hisar’s Robotics and Innovation Club has accelerated its activities this year. Joined with a team of students who take the 10th grade elective Robotics course, they attended the FRC (First Robotics Competition) 2015 Off-Season Event. The competition designed by the FIRST Foundation is organized in Turkey by the Fikret Yüksel Foundation. Our students attended the Kick-Off Day where they learned the goal of this year’s event and started their R&D process upon returning to school and worked for 6 weeks. The groups were judged in 10 different categories including team spirit, workplace safety, entrepreneurship as well as the performance of their robot.

Hisar’s group managed to complete their robot in 6 weeks as well as organizing HisarEcycle Electronics Recycling Project, Entrepreneurship Seminar, Open Seminar with the attendance of other participating schools. They also translated the competition rules book into Turkish and shared with other schools. More than 30 students worked during after-school hours, weekends and semester break to complete these impressive tasks.