Institutional Development

Institutional Development Office works in collaboration with administrative and academic school units to strengthen the bond between the school and its partners, to create a sense of satisfaction and pride, to support Hisar School’s development efforts and to further its institutional prestige through effective and proactive communication

The core business of Institutional Development Department is to coordinate the institutional communication efforts. The Office develops communication strategies pertaining to the programs, methods, content and the language used in Hisar’s communication and manages the institutional Corporate Visual Guidelines and branding practices of Hisar School. The Office coordinates the main tools used in internal and external communication such as website, newsletters and all printed materials used in promotion of the school.

Institutional Development Office also cooperates with; Arts, Culture and Sports Committee to contribute to the efficient organization of the activities and performances within School, Alumni Association to strengthen alumni relations and to ensure communication between the school and Alumni, and Parent Teacher Association to establish a better two-way communication with parents to reflect their insights into the decision process, to enhance student learning and to recognize and celebrate student successes

Hisar School Communication Policy is implemented by a thoughtful and respectful communication vision demonstrating commitment to certain procedures and also to the principles below:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Confidentiality and Protection of Personal Data
  • Impartiality
  • Respect
  • Commitment

Within the framework of these principles, in all communication processes inside and outside the School; Hisar seeks to establish an effective communication with the School’s partners including students, academic and administrative personnel, parents, alumni as well as peer schools and universities in Turkey and abroad, Non-Governmental Organizations, Eyüp Municipality, related State Institutions, the wider community and the media, to provide a clear understanding and public awareness of the education, work, social environment at Hisar.

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