Mission & Vision

Mission - What we do

Discovering and developing our true potential through critical thinking, effective collaboration and meaningful contributions as world citizens.

Vision - What we want

Hisar School seeks to become recognized and favoured by the quality and distinction of our staff, students, graduates and community. Hisar School aims to be exemplary with its achievements and contributions to education on a global scale.

Values - What we give

The values we strive to instil in our school community

  • Integrity: Hisar School regards living with high moral values, having a strong character, being socially responsible and being capable of questioning as valuable attributes equal to academic achievement.
  • Diversity: Hisar School embraces diversity and creativity, and creates an environment in which differences are recognized, appreciated and encouraged.
  • Responsible Communication: Hisar School encourages its students, staff, and community to communicate effectively and respectfully, emphasising listening for understanding.

  • International Mindedness: Hisar School strives to…
    • Create opportunities to engage with global issues
    • Develop fluency in multiple languages to understand and communicate with other cultures
    • Develop an awareness of multiple perspectives through respect and tolerance
    • Equip students with the knowledge and skills to interact with the world around them
  • Perseverance: Hisar School empowers students and staff to strive for excellence in learning and self-awareness through dedication and determination.

Philosophy - What we believe

What we believe will lead us toward becoming an outstanding school

Founded in 1996, Hisar School Istanbul, is committed to discovering and developing the student's true potential through an outstanding Turkish/English education for Pre K to Grade 12 students.

Hisar School is an educational institution which believes in universal and contemporary values and also stands as a role model for the global community in a democratic and secular Turkish Republic enlightened by Atatürk’s principles and revolutions.

At Hisar School;

●We believe learning through understanding holds a natural place in our daily lives.

●We are committed to a continuous improvement in learning.

●We offer rich educational, co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities for our students in facilities which reflect versatile learning environments.

●We provide a high quality inclusive environment created by the mutual respect and interactions characterized by trust among students, as well as between students and teachers.

●We believe in a strong work ethic and that this work ethic can lead us to high quality performance.

●We promote full collaboration with all our partners in a democratic and transparent atmosphere, one in which each party is autonomous yet in coordination and cooperation. with all others.