Hisar Educational Foundation Development Committee

The Committee for Hisar Educational Foundation Development is created to advise the Executive Committee on matters that directly concerns Hisar’s development plans and activities, to evaluate Hisar’s current development performance, to advise on launching a Development Committee Strategic Plan by utilizing school’s creative, innovative and entrepreneurial viewpoints, to define ways to implement a development plan and a development database which will build a network of local and international individuals, institutions, organizations and future contacts, to establish benchmarks for alumni engagement and collaborate with the Hisar School Alumni Association, and to review the current activities in order to better focus on acquiring new strategies such as Annual Giving campaigns, major fund raising and gift programs, annual funds, Special Events, projects and other school-related solicitations.

For Hisar Educational Foundation Development Committee Guidelines, click here.  

Committee Member  
Meltem Berker Chair
Bala Yüzatlı Member
Dilara Uzan Member
İpek Cem Taha Member
Pınar Beard Member