Advisory Committee for Visual Arts

The Advisory Committee for Visual Arts is created to advise the Executive Committee on matters that concerns Hisar’s visual arts plans and activities, to assist the school in the planning and establishment of its long-term goals and objectives regarding special projects and events of fine arts, visual arts, decorative arts, applied arts, crafts and all related artistic design, to develop connections with world-renowned as well as local artists, experts, accredited associations and to help collaborate with these talents for the growth of students’ artistic horizons, to meaningfully boost and foster creativity, to expand cognitive reach.

Committee Members  
Louisa Uzan Chair
Ayda Elgiz Güreli Member
Defne Çağlar Member
Dilara Uzan Member
Eda Kehale Argun Üye
Gülay Karadeniz Member
Petek Pekuysal Member

For Visual Arts Advisory Committee Guidelines, click here