Arts, Culture and Sports Events

Committee for Arts, Culture and Sports Events

Duties and responsibilities of the Committee for Arts, Culture and Sports events are as follows: to carry out advisory work related with cultural, arts, sports events/activities and academic talks proposed in all categories, to foster interaction across all school levels and departments in order to revitalize these events, to ensure all scheduled events on campus are scheduled so as to optimize time and space management considering the academic priorities and resource constraints.

Committee Members  
Okan Uzelli - High School Principal President
Ezgi Çebi - Preschool Vice Principal Member
Füsun Toparlak - Middle School Vice Principal Member
Gökşen Dürüst - Clubs and Activities Coordinator Member
Gülay Karadeniz - Head of Art Department Member
İrem Noyaner - Head of Institutional Development Member
Levent Atlıer - Head of Music Department Member
Murat Dülger - Head of Sports Department Member
Petek Pekuysal - Head of Arts, Culture and Sports Center Member
Yıldız Ayyıldız - Primary School Vice Principal Member

For Hisar School Arts, Culture and Sports Events Committee Guidelines, click here.