Admissions Process

Preschool and 1st Grade


Admissions to our preschool and 1st grade of our primary school are handled according to availabilities upon our meeting with candidate students whom we invite on the basis of the student’s application date. Due to the high demand for our school, parents are urged to fill in the application form as of the birth date of the child. This way, the prospective student will be added to our waiting list and invited to our meetings for the appropriate academic year. Our preschool students comprise the 1st grade group of the following year. In the case of an opening in the 1st grade group, prospective students are invited in the order of their application date and invited for a group meeting.

Intermediary Grade Levels

Admissions to intermediary grade levels (2nd grade-8th grade and 10th grade-11th grade) are handled according to availability and the results of acquaintance meetings/tests conducted by our school every May.

High School

Our students who finish their 8th grade in Hisar Middle School successfully are eligible to enroll at Hisar High School Preparatory Class or the 9th grade directly, according to their evaluations in the Middle School period and scores in the examinations.

In case there is an open quota in the Preparatory Class, the candidate student registration is taken through the Nationwide Exam results', in line with the Private Hisar High School Institution Regulation approved by the Ministry of National Education. When the registration schedule is finalized by the Ministry of National Education, the scores, student quotas and online application process are announced on our website.

In case there is an open quota in the 9th grade, after the registration of those students who took the Nationwide Exam,
the candidate students who completed the preparatory class of another school or who completed 8th grade abroad are invited to take the exam in August upon the decision of the School Administration.

We kindly ask you to contact our Admissions Office regarding the admissions process. (Admissions Office Contact Information: T. 0090 212 364 00 00 ext. 105-143/

Online Pre-Application Form