Why Hisar?

Because we are academically strong

PreK-12 Integration

The continuity in grade levels paves the way for consistency as well as enhancing learning ability for both students and teachers over the years.

High-Scope Model

High Scope Model is an education program promoting the development of children for many aspects for those from pre-school level to 3rd grade in primary school. Based on the philosophy of effective learning, High Scope Model provides child-centered education program while the existing activities are both teacher-driven and children-driven.

Active Learning and Learning through Understanding (Constructivist Learning Approach)

Constructivist Approach gives prominence to constructing the learning process rather than planning teaching. We adopt an approach which focuses on discovering skills and questioning and which refrains from an education system based on rote-learning.

Formative Assessment

We make use of formative assessment and value in-class performance equally as their exams for the 21st century student and make their every-day activities into special learning experiences.

Interdisciplinary Studies

We aim at enhancing our students’ academic skills by directing them towards interdisciplinary studies in their learning and projects which also boosts their problem-solving, questioning and creativity skills.

Individual Guidance

We observe our students closely to discover and develop their true potentials and guide our students in this process. Our experts provide support programs for our students in setting their goals and developing appropriate strategies.

Advanced Placement (AP) Program

The AP Program is an educational program developed and implemented by the College Board. In addition to the United States, it is implemented and recognized in more than 60 countries. The program allows students to take university-level courses in high school and be exempt from these courses in some universities. In addition to the Ministry of Education program, our students are supported with our AP Program in order to be successful in AP exams. Our school is an AP examination center and our students have the opportunity to take their exams in our school.

University Counseling and Career Center

University Counseling and Career Center consists of experienced and professional university advisors who deal with our students individually during their career discovery and university admission processes. The Center consists of two offices which are International Universities and Turkish Universities Counseling. The Center supports students through selection process of the most appropriate university and curriculum in line with their academic achievement levels and interests.

Writing Center

Writing Center is the first and only center which serves in primary and secondary schools in Turkey. Thanks to this center, we contribute to our students as writers who are confident in the writing process, can write their ideas fluently, and see writing as an action that fosters learning and critical thinking.

Innovation Center

Hisar Innovation Center, as a interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary platform, supports STEAM learning activities that enriches, enhances participation, and activates our students. With this way, The Center encourages and develops our students to receive training through STEAM-focused programs which support the interaction with the technology community and the effort to achieve excellence in K-12 education. The Center also encourages professional development of teachers in this direction.


Hisar Schools have two libraries; one of is elementary school and the other is midde-high school, with high technological features to support education and training. Libraries offer over 50,000 resources, including books, magazines, references, audiovisual materials, maps, and electronic resources. They all support educational and teaching activities in our school, and develop activities to improve reading, learning and research habits.

Strong Professional Development

Our mission to discover and develop our true potentials is not only applicable to our students but also for Hisar's academic staff. Through our professional development programs, we strongly support our teachers who never give up doing research to enable our students' improved learning process and achieve better results.


Because We Aim to Foster Strong & Multi-Faceted Personalities

Psychological Counseling and Guidance

The Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance, which is an integral part of education at Hisar Schools, works in accordance with the physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs of all students by taking into consideration the age-period characteristics of PreK-12 and, having an understanding of protective, preventive and developing guidance. Under the umbrella of the department, there are 14 professionals who are bilingual and have a master's degree.

Positive Discipline Approach

We believe in the virtues of positive discipline approach for our students to develop self-discipline mechanisms rather than acting according to an external-motivated discipline mechanism.

Community Service Projects

Our community service projects do not only help our students develop awareness for community-related issues but also hone in on their skills to define problems, devise solutions and apply the solutions to real-life experiences. We have about 35-40 small or big community service projects throughout the school each year.

Club Activities

Club activities with over 100 alternatives are organized in different areas arranged for each age level. We encourage our students to discover new interest areas through the rotation system in their first years.

Wide Range of Athletics and Art Branches

Our students are closely partake in various sports, athletics and artistic activities as well as our rigorous academic program. While our school teams win various ranks from different tournaments, our school orchestras win many prestigious awards both in national and international arenas. Our state-of-the-art cultural center hosts many student musicals and theatre plays which rival professional ones and impressive exhibitions of student portfolios in visual arts. Our students positively reflect the self-discipline and motivation arising from their achievements in sports and art to their academic life.

Debate Opportunities

The ability to express and share ideas freely is the first and most important step to be an independent individual. Debate courses and clubs allow our students to acquire valuable skills which create an essential difference throughout their life.

Because They Will Become Citizens of The World

Native Language Level English Education

The majority of our English-teaching academic staff are native English speakers.

English learning program starts in preschool and international projects which our students take part in are components of our English program.

Our students graduate with the ability to criticize, write efficiently and speak fluently in English. Thus they improve themselves both scientifically and socially, interpret the world surrounding their environment, express themselves and enhance their understanding.

Second Foreign Language

Besides learning English, our students choose a second foreign language in 5th grade and start learning German, French or Spanish. Most of our students choose to take international exams whereby they have a chance to certify their language skills in international platforms.

New Perspectives Through International Events

Our students attend Model United Nations (MUN) conferences and join Junior Model United Nations (JMUN) Conference which was initially organized by Hisar High School students for middle school students. International trips organized for middle school and high school students for academic and community service projects help our students learn about different cultures and gain different perspectives.

Because our university acceptance list is as unique as our students

The goal of the International University Counseling Office is to inspire students to transform their potential into reality. We recognize each student as a unique individual, guiding them as they identify their personal attributes. We support them in aligning these qualities with their university options and help them find an appropriate fit. We provide an environment where students are encouraged to set realistic and attainable university admissions goals for themselves while supporting their talents, character, and self-confidence.


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