The Hisar Educational Foundation welcomes philanthropy from our community of friends, parents and graduates to maintain excellence in educational programming and to build financial stability for the future. We appreciate our past donors for providing the outstanding resources that the Hisar School currently enjoys and we hope others will join them in supporting one of Turkey’s premier progressive-education foundations and increasing the impact it has reflected upon Turkey’s academic world as well as education worldwide.

Types of Gifts

The Board of the Hisar Educational Foundation has institutionalized the following funds and destinations for channeling the philanthropic support from our community:

Academic Fund: The Hisar School is committed to providing scholarship and financial aid to the best and brightest youth of our country, empowering our world-class teachers by providing learning experiences and undertaking breakthrough innovative projects to improve its technology infrastructure. To support these goals, project-based or unrestricted donations can be made to the following areas:

  • Scholarship and Financial Aid
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Professional Development
  • Capital Investment
  • Other Projects

Endowment Fund:  We welcome and honor any gifts to improve the size of the endowment fund if you wish to establish a restricted or unrestricted endowment fund, leave a gift or legacy with the benefits of a long-term investment potential.  

General Fund: Unrestricted donations go directly to this fund and the Board of the Hisar Educational Foundation in consultation with the School administration determines to deploy its resources, directing funds to cover the needs that are seen to have the highest impact.

Special Days Cards: To express sympathy or to celebrate, you may give a meaningful gift to your friends and family by making a donation on their behalf. An acknowledgement email will be automatically sent to the person you are honoring.

Estate and Space Naming: As many spaces and buildings have been created by the support of our generous donors and named in their honor, you may also plan a future in your name at Hisar and change lives of youth who study here.

Alumni Giving: The ever-growing body of Hisar graduates are expected to become the most important supporters to make donations of varying sizes to Hisar with their strong ties to their alma mater.

Capital Campaigns: These are launched whenever seen needed. Active campaigns will be posted on this page.

Gifts- in- Kind: We will be pleased to receive “gifts in kind”, namely works of art, equipment, books, manuscripts, other movable property, assets as well as real estate. Since every contribution made in this way differs, please ensure to contact us in advance.

Ways to Give 

  • You can make a gift by credit card.
  • You can make a gift by bank transfer to one of the bank accounts given on the payment form.
  • You can make your pledge in regular installments beginning on the date you indicate and continuing for the number of periods you specify.

Donations to the Hisar Educational Foundation are tax deductible according to Turkish regulations and those made through this site are specifically earmarked for the benefit of Hisar School.