Projects and Events

Hisar Coding Summit

Hisar Coding Summit emerged from the idea of exploring and developing the potential of our students in various fields of technology. The event, launched 2014 with the motto "For everyone who wants to learn from students”, will be held for the 5th time this year.

Our students host various workshops and training sessions in programming, design, animation, robotics, and various fields of technology for participants from different school and age groups for two days. Hisar Coding Summit is growing day by day as a pioneering event that inspires more than 300 participants in 15 different workshops including electronic programming, mobile application development, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and 2D & 3D design.

This event helps our students boost their potential in different areas of technology, as well as improving their mentoring, leadership, entrepreneurship and organizational skills.



First Robotic Competition (FRC), İstanbul - USA


FIRST is designed as an accessible and innovative program that motivates young people to pursue education and career in science, engineering, technology, and mathematics, while at the same time developing self-confidence and life skills. FRC is a program created by FIRST for high school students.

In this respect, robotic teams have been established gradually in Hisar School starting from 2015 to participate in the First Robotics Competition (FRC). Our students have acquired unmatched experience and skills throughout these events and they continue to achieve successful results every season in FRC.

12th Grade Interdisciplinary Project: I Design My Own Home 

Supported by the Departments of Math, Art and Computer Science, this project helps 12 graders develop their skills in real-life settings. Each student designs three-dimensional houses with living space characteristics defined by teachers, by completing all their work in the school, during math course hours. 

The project should answer questions such as how to design a home, what steps should be followed, how the project is projected on paper, which programming language should be used; and which method should be followed, and which technologies should be used. Students submit their projects after completing the stages of artwork creation (supported by the Art Department) and budgeting and modeling (supported by the Computer Science Department). 

The project report includes the project plan and drawing, budget table, 2D and 3D design created by drawing  programs, and 3D model produced by the laser cutter and 3D printer. 

Please click this link to access to detailed information on the course project carried out in English, just as all Math courses at our high school.

Hisar Schools Science Festival

At the Science Festival, held every year in April & May as part of the courses and projects of the Science Department of Hisar School, students implement and present physics, chemistry and biology projects produced throughout the year in interdisciplinary interaction.

Hisar PiWars Turkey 

This year, Hisar School will host PiWars competition traditionally held by the University of Cambridge for the first time in Turkey. The event will take place from March 22 to 23, 2019 and will include 3D design, programming and basic electronics trainings in addition to the competition. In the competition, the teams will produce Raspberry Pi based mobile robots that will race in remote control and autonomous missions including completion of obstacle courses, labyrinth solving and target hitting.

The event will be open to all high school students for free and support will be provided to teams which are unable to procure a robot kit. This activity will help our students enhance their command in programming, electronics and robotics, and significantly improve their mentoring, leadership and organizational skills.


VEX Robotics Competition 

Mechaminds, which began to work as Turkey's first VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) team, has now a more inclusive structure in its second year with three different teams (Mechaminds, TechnoTigers, and Hemlock) and is renamed as Hisar Mechatronics.

VRC enables students to learn from STE(A)M philosophy in teamwork and quality communication, which are considered the basic life skills of the 21st century, and to test these learning achievements through a large number of tournaments throughout the year. In each educational year, students create robot and engineering design projects with changing themes and continue their studies throughout the year, making continuous revisions in order to realize their dreams.

Throughout the event, which is supported not only by the after-school studies at the high school level but also by the Mechatronics course given to the 10th and 11th graders, the students find the opportunity to transfer their learning achievements in mechanical systems and electronics to permanent learning. Hisar Mechatronics teams, which have been awarded in many different fields by the juries in the tournaments throughout the event, are taking firm steps towards becoming the engineers of the future.

Hisar Mechatronics team, which volunteered in all of the tournaments that took place in 2017-2018 season in Turkey, also held its own tournament with 15 teams in the 2018-2019 academic year. Hisar Mechatronics teams mentored many teams in training sessions held for 2 days and set a good example of sensitive professionalism to all teams with their struggle in tournaments.

Technovation Challenge, International

The Technovation Challenge is an international event providing female students around the world with opportunities in programming, product development, entrepreneurship and leadership. In this event, female students from different parts of the world define an urgent problem in their respective communities and work to produce solutions every year.

Participants are expected to work in teams taking support from mentors and the Technovation Challenge curriculum to design a mobile application and make a business plan for its implementation. Our students have been participating in this event for the last 6 years and have gained unique experience and skills.