Educational Technology

Hisar School believes that technology provides unique opportunities and experiences when it is used effectively in the entire school community. In this context, school carried out the BYOD since 2012 and 1: 1 iPad project to share knowledge and experiences on various platforms. When technology is configured to provide support for educational programs, students will gain appropriate 21st Century skills and it will support them in building their skills. Technology will provide opportunities for continuous and dynamic communication among teachers, students and parents.

Our school technology infrastructure has been configured to ensure equitable opportunity to benefit from the entire school community. School community uses technology according to the rules of technology.

In its 20th year, Hisar introduced the Apple Distinguished School designation to Turkey for its programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate Apple’s vision of exemplary learning environments.

Computer Education at Hisar

Living and growing up in the information era necessitates the acquisition of; analytical thinking, problem solving and teamwork abilities alongside the capability of reaching, evaluating, organizing, presenting, conveying and using information. In this context, Information Technologies classes continue from Grade 2 to 12 with the purpose of earning our students 21st century skills. Highlights of the curriculum includes; programming, cyber security and ethics, digital citizenship, search techniques, online applications, 3D design, graphic design and multimedia. In addition, our electives and student clubs present opportunities to our students to discover and develop their potential in various fields of technology.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship and Ethics are treated as one of the priorities of the Computer Department each year. In this context, the following topics are prioritised with when we work with our students throughout the year.

  • Digital Privacy and Security
  • Self-Expression and Digital Identity
  • Being a Part of Internet Culture
  • Plagiarism and respect for the work of others
  • Virtual bullying
Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship page offers many resources on these topics.

Policy on Technology Use

Hisar School believes that when used efficiently, technology provides numerous and invaluable opportunities and experiences for the users (student, teacher, staff). When technology is used to support educational programs, it will assist students to gain 21st century skills... Read more

Edtech Teacher Seminars

Teacher educations in the field of education technologies are structured in a way to make our teachers feel more competent in this field and to support the use of technology in and outside of class all through the year.

Alongside the content of the education within the scope of iPad and BYOD projects, our teachers are educated in line with contemporary approaches such as ''visible thinking'', ''design thinking'' and ''presentation techniques''

Hisar Edtech Blog page is prepared for our teachers to reach training contents, notes, symposium and conference information. Yet another purpose of our blog is sharing information with colleagues in Turkey and abroad alongside the school society.

The information about the classes given by Education Technologies Department for all schools and grades within K-12 integrity can be reached from the ''Schools'' section on our main page.