Academic Staff

Sibel Yalkın
Head of Department




Eylül Şarman
Psychological Counselor Preschool 
Ext: 195

Akın Cihan
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 1st Grade

Ext: 193

Ayşe Yıldız
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 2nd Grade 
Ext: 194

Tülin Başak
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 3rd Grade
Ext: 197

Hilal Geyik
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 4th Grade
Ext: 196

 Simge Toprak
 Psychological   Counselor / Learning   Coach 5th Grade
 Ext: 230

Sevil Ünal Doğan
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 6th Grade
Ext: 233

Berrak Akagündüz
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 7th Grade
Ext: 298

Burcu Kıranlar
Psychological Counselor/ Learning Coach 8th Grade
Ext: 297

İclal Yılmaz
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 9th Grade
Ext: 198

Ayça Fırat
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 10th Grade
Ext: 353

Melih Gürkan
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach 11th Grade
Ext: 354

Demet Erol
Psychological Counselor / Learning Coach Prep. &12nd Grade
Ext: 352

Beyza Aydıner
Educational Support Specialist
Ext: 198

Psychological Counseling and Guidance


Individuals are motivated to development from the moment they are born. As they grow, develop, and interact with their environment they develop an understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.

Carl Rogers refers to the person who has reached the point of self-discovery as "a fully functioning person”. According to Carl Rogers: "Growth occurs when individuals confront problems, struggle to master them, and through that struggle develop new aspects of their skills, capacities, and views about life."

It is essential to provide an appropriate supportive environments in order for students to overcome potential obstacles on their journey to self-actualization. Through a supportive environment based on trust, they are encouraged to form their true selves and their perceptions will develop positively.

At Hisar School, our students graduate as individuals who develop, transform, become self-confident, and focus on realizing their own potential through a journey of self-discovery and by the relationships, experiences, and interactions within a supportive environment beginning from the early years.

Sibel Yalkın, Head of K12 Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department


Hisar School offers  a comprehensive and accountable counseling program  designed to meet the academic, and personal/social needs of each student and provide the following services: 

  • individual counseling and group counseling 
  • reviewing academic data to identify students in need of development and academic assistance
  • curriculum tailored to grade level and specific needs including but not limited to: communication skills and time management, emotion regulation, study skills, goal setting, bullying prevention, addictions and prevention, conflict resolution, academic skills, violence prevention, health and hygiene.
  • career development, awareness and vocational guidance
  • responsive services through individual and/or group counseling, peer cooperation, and referrals to outside mental health professionals
  • class guidance and counseling activities
  • orientation programs
  • getting to know students through tests, inventories and observation
  • character education
  • individual parent meetings and collaboration
  • grade-level parent meetings, workshops and informational sessions throughout the divisions, focusing primarily on development and parenting to address needs and reflect the counseling approach
  • provide support groups for students with specific needs
  • teach and/or team with teachers with materials and classroom activities to provide access to the standards and competencies
  • provide school counseling information via school newsletter, bulletin board, blog, and/or website 

Hisar School Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department works with students from Kindergarten to 12th grade based on the principles of confidentiality and trust. All issues with students are handled unconditionally and without any prejudice in the Counseling Department. Through open and honest communication, the Counseling Department encourages students to share their concerns not only on problem areas but also on any area of their lives and thus the message that ‘The Counseling Department is a place where life is shared’ is conveyed.

There are 14 bilingual professionals at Hisar School’s Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department where they work through interdisciplinary collaboration. All information about student development is shared between the levels on the basis of ethical standards to be able to follow up the developmental progress. One of our main areas of responsibility is to support student learning at K-12 levels by teaching study skills, guiding their learning and supporting student development through creating individual educational plans.

Our primary goal is to reach each and every student throughout the year. With the awareness that family is the root of all basic values and habits, we believe that it is crucial to involve families in the system, getting to know and support them as well as guide them on the basis of student benefit.


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