Hisar School Club Programs are organized in accordance with the age, skills and area of interests of the students with the aim to bring out their potential and enrich their experiences in multiple intelligence areas.

We encourage students to choose the clubs according to club contents (quarter term, half term or full term) at 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade. Two different club for a semester at 5th - 6th – 7th - 8th grades and one club at high school to diversify their experiences. Starting with our second grade students, all students choose their clubs online at the beginning of semester.

Our club programs for Pre-school and 1st grades are specially designed accordingly to this age group with the aim to make them realize their interests and skills and recognize different areas. Accordingly our Pre-school and 1st grade club program allows students to rotate every 4 weeks and in total experience of eight different clubs, thus they do not choose a club online.

Please contact our Clubs and Activities Coordinator, Gökşen Dürüst, if you like to have further information and / or make suggestions about our clubs program.