Advanced Placement Program


AP program is implemented by the College Board. In addition to the USA, it is implemented and recognized in more than 60 countries. The program provides high school students with the opportunity to have college level courses and to be exempt from them in certain colleges later on .

In addition to Ministry of National Education curriculum, our students are supported by AP program in order to be successful in AP tests.

It Leads the Way to the Colleges Abroad

AP is an advantageous program making the students stand-out while applying for colleges in abroad. Since AP students have AP courses and summative tests, it certainly shows that they are more prepared for college education than the other students who do not.

2019 - 2020 Academic Year AP test results released by the College Board are announced;

  • Our students took 298 tests from 21 different courses.
  • In 131 of these tests, %43,9 of our students scored 5 which is the highest grade; in 223 of the tests, %74,8 of the students scored 4 and 5.

Hisar School ranks first in variety of courses among schools in Turkey that support its students with higher level classes directed towards AP exams.

***For your exam applications and questions, you can contact our AP Coordinator Münevver Çavuşoğlu.

Hisar Students AP Data for The Last 3 Academic Years

Main Courses Electives
AP English Literature & Composition AP Physics C: Mechanics
AP English Language & Composition AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism
AP Calculus AB AP Microeconomics
AP Calculus BC AP Macroeconomics
AP Physics 1 AP European History
AP Chemistry AP World History
AP Biology AP Art History
  AP Environmental Science
  AP Computer Science A
  AP Computer Science Principles
  AP Psychology
  AP Spanish
  AP Studio Art Drawing 2D, 3D