Activities and Competitions

As Computer Science department, we take part in national and international activities and competitions such as First Robotics Competition, First Lego League, Technovation, WRO where students are able to develop themselves in technology and engineering. These studies are carried as the part of courses, club studies and student projects.

First Robotics Competition:

In Hisar Schools there is a highly popular Robotic club comprising of 80 students in teams to create robots from scratch. Our clubs are awarded to several prizes in recent years.

  • First Robotics Competition (FRC) Silicon Valley Regional (April 2018)- Imagery Award
  • Istanbul FRC Regional (March 2018) - Semi Finalist
  • FRC New York (April 2017) - New York City Regional Rookie All-Star Award
  • FRC Miami (March 2017) - Miami Valley Regional Rookie All-Star Award

Hisar Coding Summit:

HisarCS team comprises of middle and high school students who work in information technologies. The team has been growing and developing with the help of new participants each year. Our students organize various workshops for two days to contribute participants who want to develop themselves in programming, electronics and design. Their motto is “ From students to everybody eager to learn”. The activity is called as Hisar Coding Summitand the 5th will be organized next year.

The workshops in Hisar Coding Summit 2018:

  • Scratch & MakeyMakey
  • Programming with Arduino
  • Raspberry Pi & Python
  • App Inventor & Mobile Application
  • Java/Processing
  • 3D Design with Maya
  • Game Workshop with Unity
  • Illustrator & After Effects
  • 3D Design with Fusion 360
  • Music Programming with Sonic Pi
  • Machine Learning
  • Robotic Programming with LEGO EV3
  • MiniSumo
  • Pi Wars