Computer Science

Course content of Computer Science in Prep and grade 9 includes accessing information individually, skills of anlayzing and applying, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and group work.

So our students are able to develop themselves in subjects such as digital citizenship, basic concepts in information technologies, research, collaborative work, sharing information and configuration, analytical thinking, graphic design and 3D design.

Pre-AP Computer Science & Robotics

Pre-AP CS & Robotics course is designed as a preliminary course for AP CS course in grade 10 and 11. Our curriculum includes “Introduction to Programming”, “Variables and Variable Types”, “Decision Structures”, “Listing”, “Developing a Software Project” and “Developing a Robotics Project”. We aim our students to gain experience in defining problems, developing problem-solving techniques, creating projects and developing electronical projects. Our students are able to solve problems and develop algorithms through Java program which has an object-based language.

AP Computer Science A

AP CS A course includes problem-solving, design strategies and methodologies, data structures, data processing approaches, algorithms, analyzing problem solutions, ethical and social subjects. The course emphasizes on problem-solving and design. These techniques offer opportunities for our students to develop their solutions for small and simple problems to big and complicated ones. In addition, our students prepare for international AP CS A tests.

AP Computer Science Principles

AP CS Principles course introduces creative ways of programming, algorithms, great data sets, internet, effects of cyber security and information processing. AP CS Principles encourages students to express themselves and develop applications to solve problems by using current technology. At the same time, our students prepare for international AP CS Principles tests.

Graphic Design and Multimedia

Nowadays, thinking and self-expression processes include not only verbal but also visual language. In this light, Graphic Design and Multimedia course is provided through prevalent programmes as an elective course. Studies in this field can be listed as creating graphic – picture- audio – video and mounting and a animation to send a message visually to a certain group of people

3D Design

3D design lesson aims to teach students how to design an object in 3 dimensions on digital platforms and to visualize. At least 2 different 3 dimensional graphic programmes are taught. The course provides valuable foundation to students for product design, engineering, filming, animation, arts, architecture, visual communication design and advertisement. Sketching, prototyping, modeling, material choice and usage, animation and 3D printing are carried out as technical skills.

"Maker Lab" Works

This club is open to students who are interested in “Problem-solving and Programming” field which is one of the objectives in Information Technologies course.

In the club, creativity and renovation skills of our students are supported. During the club period, students are expected to carry out creative projects related to electronic circuit designing, 3D modeling and design, prototyping and programming, developing mobile applications.

Programming & Robotics Projects

Students who would like to learn about robotic technology and to develop their own projects after working on sample models are supported by the activities in this club. Our students have the opportunity to learn how to use electronic components such as microcontrollers, engines, sensors and to examine and design robotic mechanisms.


It is a unique study environment where our students can work on programming, electronics, 3 dimensional design and production, maker, graphic design, animation, prototyping in the field of information technologies. It is a place where everybody can learn from each other, share their knowledge, and transform their ideas into projects, they can get support from their teachers and friends at the same time. Our students often benefit from ideaLab environment to work on their projects individually and as a group.