The Mathematics Department aims to provide an enriched mathematics program to let the students sustain their education in national and foreign successfully.

Aim of the program is to make students learn mathematical concepts, knowledge and principles permanently, to develop critical-creative thinking and take their potential knowledge in math to an utmost level.

Our program is updated periodically. It allows students to develop some skills such as;

  • Abstract and analytical thinking,
  • Problem-solving,
  • Generating solutions and forming formula,
  • Proving accuracy and reliability of the solutions,
  • Using math knowledge in daily life and in other disciplines.

Some tests such as PSAT, CEMC (The Centre of Mathematics and Computing – University of Waterloo), and National University Entrance practice tests (TYT – YKS) are applied to evaluate the students’ achievements. Reliability and feasibility of the tests and development of our students are measured and evaluated periodically.