Prep Program

The Hisar High School Prep Program is designed to prepare students for life in high school. Our main aim is to teach English throughout one academic year with 24 hours of English courses in a week. This provides leadership and collaboration, autonomous learning and life skills through a student-centered and skill-oriented education.

Students from other schools, and if deemed necessary, from Hisar Middle School, participate in Hisar's Prep Program which is fully interactive and integrated with 1:1 ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) facilities to improve their English and develop myriad life skills. Our students who gain autonomous working habits through their project activities and our rich curriculum, develop talents and values that they will use throughout their lives, becoming 21st century citizens. At the end of one year of immersive English, our students are able to reach the advanced English level, B2 CEFr, required for entry to our High School.

English Proficiency Exam

Students graduating from Private Hisar Middle School or other middle schools, and who wish to bypass the Hisar Preparatory class in order to start studying directly from the 9th Grade at Hisar High School are required to take the Prep Class English Proficiency Exam. The exam assesses students’ proficiency in English and aims to focus on the academic productivity skills they will need at Hisar High School.

English Proficiency Exams and all applicable pilot tests are prepared by a committee of English teachers established by the Hisar Schools’ Executive Committee. Members of the committee include Hisar High School’s Prep Class Department Head, an English teacher from the Hisar High School’s Prep Class, the Head of the English Department at Hisar High School, and the Head of the English Department at Hisar Middle School. One of the high school vice principals will lead the committee. Where deemed necessary, third-party expert educators, either in or outside the institution, are invited to the committee.

The Committee is in charge of preparing the exams, conducting such exams in a transparent and safe environment, announcing the results, and regularly providing information to relevant parties.

Hisar High School English Proficiency Exam is prepared in accordance with the “Common European Framework B2” criteria. The exam has the following four sections. 

Language Reading Writing and Listening Speaking
15% 30% 30% 25%

The English proficiency exam is conducted within one week following the end of the Second Semester (in May and June) for the 8th Grade students of Hisar Middle School and in July for students enrolled at Hisar High School from different secondary schools, depending on the admission schedule.

Students who score 70 out of 100 on the written and aural test are considered successful.

Pursuant to the MEB’s regulations for secondary schools and Private Hisar High School’s regulations, students scoring the minimum points (70 out of 100) to pass the test start studies from the 9th Grade, while students not scoring the minimum points start studies from the preparatory class. 

7th Grade students at Hisar Middle School take the English Proficiency Prelim Assessment Test of the Committee at the end of the school year. 8th Grade students at Hisar Middle School take the English Proficiency Prelim Assessment  of the Committee in February (or midterm). The prelim  assessment is intended to provide guidance to students on the content of the final original exam and to help them see their levels versus their preparations for the English proficiency test. The outcome of the prelim test is not taken into account while assessing the English proficiency exam at the end of grade 8.