As Hisar Schools Science Department, we believe that our students will be able to overcome difficulties in life after knowing more about the world. Science program focuses on both inquisition and processes of scientific view to understand the world we live in. Science courses provide the students with a significant Science education and prepare them necessities of 21st century.

We believe that learning is an effective and constructive process. Our aim is to bring in our students experiences such as solving problems in a creative way, critical thinking, collaborative work as a team, using technology effectively and valuing life long learning by having the view that they can change any place they are at.

High School Science Program apply Biology, Chemistry and Physics as branches. Including AP®, our students are encouraged to take advanced courses.

All Science courses are provided in English and common program is applied in grade 9 and 10. After grade 11, we aim to present different level of courses including on-line courses to let our students discover their interests and find out their future occupations considering the mission and vision of the school.


The aim of Science Department is to allow students to have following skills.

  • Collecting data, analyzing a scientific phenomenon and interpreting the results clearly and logically in a scientific manner
  • Being able to establish effective communication and collaboration with others
  • Getting passing grades from exams to be accepted by the school and other organizations
  • To be able to use computers effectively while using technology
  • Carrying out lab studies securely and raising awareness on environmental issues.