Social Sciences

The aim of Hisar High School Social Sciences Department is to allow students discover codes and global values of life through a critical view instead of transferring knowledge like a pile. To do that teachers introduce events without grounding to “marginalization”. All contents and activities are structured by this approach.

In all grades; announcements, exam topics, unit booklets, worksheets, additional texts and project topics are shared through Google Classroom.


Knowledge of events and phenomenon are structured spirally regarding to basic concepts from grade 9 to 12 in Social Sciences course. Experiencing basic skills and transferring them to real life is aimed.

Expected basic skills are as follows.

  • Analytical thinking
  • Synthesizing
  • Critical thinking
  • Perceiving and interpreting space and time
  • Associating links between events and phenomenon
  • Applying norms and values of human rights
  • Thinking and interpreting in consideration with universal values
  • Interpreting visual objects
  • Reading-Listening
  • Note-taking and forming a text
  • Presentation
  • Transferring