AP Microeconomics

AP Microeconomics is an elective course provided to students of grade 11. Students are chosen from AP Math classes and according to class levels. The program includes 4 hours in a week and 50 minutes lessons. Microeconomics is related to the choices we make and the effects of our choices to each other. It is in relation with decisions we make as individuals or family, institutions or governements. Thinking economy-oriented directs students to make better choices. It makes people value what they have and understand decisions made by houses, firms and governments. The aim is to teach mediums to analyze economics and think in an economy-oriented way. Therefore, students are able to consider operations around them and reconsider choices they make.

AP Macroeconomics

AP Microeconomics is an elective course provided to students of grade 12. It covers basic topics of contemporary macroeconomy approaches and encourages people to apply economy principles to every economy systems throughout the world. The program covers the whole academic year. Booklet for AP Economics Course contents is published by College Board and includes main themes such as product marketing types and functions, factor markets and role of the government. The course focuses on analyzing national income and its components, economic indicators, inflation and unemployment, money and banking, stabilization policies and international trade. The course helps students to integrate economic concepts to their daily lives. So, it encourages them to view the world from different perspective. The course is equavelant to introduction to macroeconomics courses in college. The students study for AP test in May 2019.

For all these reasons, the course is provided at the level of college education. The students need to know that the difference between a high school and college course is to think economy-oriented, mathematical and graphic analysis, problem-solving and writing skills. In addition, the topics are covered intensely and deeply. In short, AP Macroeconomics course requires hardworking, higher level thinking skills, mathematical and social perception skills, recollection of large number of theory, finding, graphic and analysis and to be able to do complex macroeconomy analysis based on daily life.