• Grade 9 students visit museums and exhibitions as a part of their individual “Art Portfolio” projects.
  • Prag Trip is organized as a part of grade 11 novel “The Methamorphosis” and to let the students associate between the city and the authors of the city.

  • “Dear Cheeky Death, Dirmit” from “Seyyar Sahne” is put as a play to teach “magical reality” and to prepare the students for Latife Tekin’s book Berci Kristin Tales from Garbage Hills.

  • “Hisar Film Festival” is organized as the part of “Film and Literature” elective course in grade 11.

  • The students are encouraged to arrange appearances. Interview on “Sabahattin Ali” with Sevengül Sönmez has been organized in 2017-2018 academic year.