Visual Arts

Visual Arts Department aims to offer opportunities for the students to develop themselves at the utmost level.

The department tries to create several settings to extract potentials of the students and let them express themselves on the artistic level.

The department encourages the students to produce projects on “Social Responsibility with Arts” and care about developing social responsibility awareness of the students.

Personal developments of the students encourage them to share their personal savings with their friends. So, any student can take part in “Hisar Series Group Exhibition”.

The department encourages students to participate in “School-based projects, Out-of-School Projects and Competitions” in order them to have self-knowledge and to express themselves from an artistic view. The department cares about meeting and working with other schools on art related settings. Thus, we take part in “Extramural Activities, National and International Projects”.

The department encourages the students to take part in international settings where they can produce projects based on their interests and skills, carry their experiences into their lives and can work on topics of their choice and interests.

Our department encourages the students to become people who can associate with the past, bring cultural and artistic savings of past to present works, evaluate interdisciplinary interactions in fields and settings of art, transform the ideas into unique products, comprehend necessities of art and use creativity in every field.