Visual Arts Department encourages the students participate in art activities and competitions out of the school. Park Istinye 23rd April Children’s Paintings Exhibition, Design Contest organized by Regents University, International Child Art Foundation, Global Education Festival organized in SanRemo Italy, presentations prepared by overseas education office and national and international competitions are among the activities and competitions our students have taken part recently and achieved a fair amount of success.

Hisar Series Group Exhibition

In order to evaluate individual interest and performances, exhibitions started 18 years ago still take place with works of students from Preschool, Primary, Middle and High School. The students are able to interpret and share their productions through photography, lego, acrylic, graphic design, and relief printing from plaster, oil-painting, pencil drawing, ceramic and sculpturing. Six exhibitions are held with participants from different grades during the year at the Culture and Arts Center and Art Gallery of our school.

National and International Painting Contests

Students prepare for various national and international contests with the help of their teachers. It is aimed to raise interests of students in the arts, reveal skillful young people, make them love arts and make them respect to any branches of arts, share their works with different schools and friends coming from different cultures, transfer their experiences and comments to each other, meet under the roof of arts.

Istanbul Children’s and Youth’s Arts Biennial

“Istanbul Children’s and Youth’s Arts Biennial” which was first organized in 2010 by European Cultural Capital Agency covers current art activities for children and youth every two years. Students of Hisar School take part in this important biennial project in the name of arts and education. The biennial has been organized in a couple of countries around the world and for the first time in Turkey. Our students also participate individually as well as works they created during the courses.

Regents University

Regents University which has its headquarter in London has also departments of “Architecture”, “Fashion Design” and “Graphics”. Our students take part with their own designs in international contests organized by the university in these fields. The aim of the contest is to share students’ designs and their experiences with their peers and to gather designer nominees from different cultures under the roof of arts. Students who take part in the contest have the chance to visit the university and see education environments on these fields, meet specialized academic staff and designers from different cultures on a common platform to evaluate each other’s work.

Global Education Festival

It is the only festival which covers international schools and contests and at the same time during the finals provides simultaneous art activities in all fields of arts (theatre, short film, dance, fashion, painting etc.) exhibitions and displays. The finals of the contest is held in SanRemo, Italy. Juries are comprised of different specialists for each activity.

University Presentations Organized in collaboration with International Office

Various Arts Schools are introduced to the students who wish to continue their arts education abroad. We work collaboratively with international office to prepare presentations for our students to learn about studying abroad. It provides the opportunity for our students to meet representatives of universities one-to-one and exchange ideas on their portfolio works.