Course Information

Our Lesson Design

We follow the Common Core curriculum standards currently favored in the United States. The Common Core focuses on deeper understandings across all subject levels and ensures lessons are all designed to build specific, pragmatic skills. It also encourages differentiated learning and more creative approaches so that all students have an opportunity to succeed, no matter what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Our Units are designed according to the UbD (Understanding by Design). Understanding by Design is a framework for improving student achievement. Our teachers work as a team to design lessons around fundamental, thought-provoking questions. Students learn the grammar, speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills to properly explore these complex ideas, develop their own answers and express themselves according to rigorous academic standards. Our Units are critiqued and revised by our team every year.

Our Approach to Assessment

Final assessments include creative writing, drama performances, presentations, essays, debates, research papers, reading exams and grammar exams. Formative assessments are a part of our everyday curriculum. We emphasize the process of achievement. Each day in class students practice skills and are given feedback for the final assessments. All assignments and exams are assessed with a detailed rubric that the students are taught to use. Skillful self-assessment is one of the primary goals of our department.