Technovation is a non-profit international institution founded in San Francisco- California. Since 2010, more than 10.000 female students participate from 78 different countries to train themselves in entrepreneurship and software.

Our Technovation club aims students to design a mobile application which solves a problem by approaching it from several aspects and to evaluate their applications in entrepreneurship environment. Our students gain experience in problem-solving, preparing a work plan, programming and interface design and the applications they design are evaluated on international platforms.

Programming & Robotics Projects

Getting to know about robotic technology, experiencing in the field and taking part in international robotics innovation and programming projects, developing their own projects are supported by the activities in this club. Our students have the opportunity to develop themselves in algotrithm development, mathematical calculations, electronic devises and robotic practices.

"Maker Lab" Works

This club is open to students who are interested in “Problem-solving and Programming” field which is one of the objectives in Information Technologies course.

In the club, creativity and renovation skills of grade 5 and 6 students are supported. During the club period, students are expected to carry out creative projects related to electronics, 3D modeling and design.