Physical Education

Hisar Schools Physical Education program is prepared in consideration with Ministry of Education curriculum and individual needs and differences. Students are encouraged to exercise different and unique branch of sports.


The aim is to bring students in the habit of doing sports for a life time by taking personal differences into consideration and finding out the suitable branch of sports for themselves.The main aim is to acquire basic skills belonging to the branch of sports in determined units.

The Program

Physical Education Courses are applied 2 hours (block scheduling) in each week.

Because of physical differences that students have, the classes are cathegorized as girls and boys. The courses are carried out at the same time in 4 different physical places and 4 different branches by rotating. The students have 4 different branches every 8 weeks.

Tournaments are held for 4 weeks between the classes of same grades throughout the year on scheduled dates.

In order to develop the competency for branches in high school; futsal, fitness, squash&table tennis, badminton courses are provided for 2 hours (block scheduling) each week.