“Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge”- Carl Sagan

Hisar Middle School Science Education Program is prepared by taking 21st century teaching profile into consideration and includes the following objectives.

  • Gaining literacy in science, research-inquisition and critical thinking skills,
  • Comprehending dynamic relations among science, technology, community and environment ,
  • Gaining healthy living habits, skills and knowledge,
  • Providing scientific processing skills for problem-solving and decision-making,
  • Enabling them to become life long learners,
  • Raising their interest in Science,
  • Allowing them to create their own products by modeling the behavior and attitude of scientists,


Hisar Schools Middle School Science courses are based on research and questioning. Science department aims the students to;

  • Use concepts, principles, laws and theories appropriately,
  • Benefit from scientific processes while solving problems and making decisions,
  • Understand the interaction among science, technology, community and environment,
  • Develop scientific and technical psychomotor skills,
Have a scientific manner and values