Course Information

Besides emphasizing on that science is a way of thinking, Hisar Middle School Science Department aims its students to become science literate and to internalize research and inquisition methods to use for the rest of their lives. In order to develop access to valid and reliable resources, the department promotes scientific research and project works. So our students are able to analyze, interpret and generate solutions for their daily problems in the future thanks to the studies that develop necessary skills. Lesson plans prepared in the frame of Understanding by Design (UbD) comprise of many experiences to help transferring the knowledge and the skills gained in Science courses. Group works in the labs are encouraged to show the importance of collaborative learning.

In addition to GRASPS studies, innovative learning methods such as STEM ve Engineering are utilized. In such a manner, we are able to create context-based, effective learning environments.

Middle School Science courses are covered bilingually, Turkish and English. As scientific concepts are aimed to be taught in English, we care about using simple scientific expressions in English. ISA Scientific Literacy test is applied to see the level of science knowledge and skills in English on an international platform. Considering the results of this test, content and level of the course is rearranged. Science unit booklets are prepared by science department teachers each year and they are produced in both languages.

Differentiated learning activites are provided in Science courses. Contract Activity Package (CAP) requires students to use different skills. Mini projects and lab activities prepared in different levels are some of the activities where students are monitored individually. Also students get individual feedback in Science Reinforcement Activities (SRA). Thus, many opportunities are provided to reveal the potentials.

Interdisciplinary studies are planned between Information Technologies and Visual Arts courses to allow our students to use knowledge and skills they have. Also, they are given a chance to take part in several competitions with their own projects to see and experience different learning environments and products.

Many iPad applications are utilized to vary learning materials in Science courses. Google Classroom is efficiently utilized to follow bulletin and process-oriented lessons. Students who are interested are supported in their projects in terms of technological devices.

Testing and Evaluation

In addition to written exams, process-oriented evaluation is at the heart of assessment principles of Hisar Schools. So some applications are done to show students that they are responsible from their learning. These can be listed such as mini tests, mini retake tests, additional studies, CAP works, voluntary science projects, Science Reinforcement Activities, daily and weekly assignments, lab activities, Pre-Post tests, achievement forms, self-evaluation forms, GRASPS and authenticated task activities etc.