Social Sciences

Social Sciences program comprises of Social Sciences course at the level of grade 5, 6 and 7; Turkish Republic Revolutionary History and Kemalism, human rights law, geography, history, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, economics and political science in grade 8. The courses are essentially based on economical, sociological and natural/environmental conditions of the era, causes originating these conditions, the change happening since past and sustaining issues in skill-oriented designed lessons.


In Social Sciences Course Program students are taught to acquire the following merits.

  • Having the knowledge on chronological history of the era and 21st century phenomenon,
  • Questioning the knowledge objectively, developing ideas based on proof, expressing one’s view democratically, being aware of civic rights and responsibilities,
  • Being aware of democratic gains of Turkish Republic and efforts put by primarily M. Kemal Ataturk and founder officials,
  • Respecting different cultures, believes, lifestyle and views, having strong communication skills, being able to demonstrate empathy, adopting a manner against discrimination,
  • Being aware of social events and issues in remote and immediate environments, being able to generate peaceful solutions to these issues in the light of human rights and universal values.