Course Information

In the 21st century when mass media has rapidly developed, we apply constructionist and constructivist education method in our courses in consideration with scientific and non-scientific knowledge, normative and descriptive decision theories, personal opinions and views presented one within the other. Basic and structural concepts of the course are provided thorugh knowledge of facts and events, unit booklets prepared by our department and analyzing visual materials such as texts, pictures, comics etc. Students do comparative reading to form thesis and anti-thesis. Debates are held between groups representing opposing views. Mind mapping activities are done to show causality relationship between facts/situtaitons. Literacy studies are carried out to develop historical literacy skills of the students. Small and large group activities are held to have collective learning.

Testing and Evaluation

Process-oriented evaluation is taken seriously to find out what and how students learn in the courses. Homeworks are only given in relation to readiness of the students and to collect data on their development through the process of learning. Later on the data is utilized to restructure their learning needs. Tests, quizzes, class discussions, reading and writing activities are done.