Course Infromation

Turkish Course Program provides the students with samples from distinguished Turkish and World literatures based on their levels. The readings are carried out as motivated reading (reading through activities done with the teachers) and performance reading (students read on their own, apply what they learn).

Grammar, reading-comprehension, speaking and writing achievements are introduced in a spiral structure to associate the texts in a holistic approach. These studies are carried out with “Achievements” booklets prepared and reviewed by department teachers in line with the curriculum of Ministry of Education. Group work, drama, verbal and written expression, presentation, reading techniques and methods are provided through a differentiated teaching method.

Our students are able to follow studies, homeworks, applications and course announcements via iPad and watch via Google Classroom. Also, they can study on their research, presentation, homework and projects by using their iPads.

Testing and Evaluation

Studies, efforts and preparations of our students provide a resource for our evalution. Achievements of our students are evaluated through a written exam applied in each term and observing developmental process through process evaluation. Process evaluation results are determined by observing texts of Achievements Booklet, motivated reading process and grammar skills of the students.

The aim in testing and evaluation is to grade last product shaped with editing/developing rights of the students in written essays and observing their work in the process.