Math course comprises of four different learning areas and sub-categories related to them. These are numbers-operations, geometry, measuring and data. While processing these learning areas, appropriate learning environments are set according students’ differences (readiness, learning profile, interests) and learning principles ( deductive-inductive, concrete-abstract, known-unknown, close-far, simple-complex, convenience for aim). Both individual and large-small group activities are carried out in balance. To carry out the activities with the students, learning environment is set and what, how and why they do the activities are made clear. Activities made in the learning environment provide emotional and intellectual development to our students.

Primary school Math program aims to gain following skills and experiences in our students;

  • Recognizing mathematical concepts and using mathematical terminology efficiently,
  • Developing operational skills,
  • Developing reasoning, analythical thinking and problem-solving skills,
  • Mathematical modeling and making proper deductions out of the models,
  • Associating Math to daily life and other disciplines,
  • Providing learning while developing a positive attitude towards Math.