Social Sciences

Primary School grade 4 Social Sciences course comprises of the units such as Individual and Community, Culture and Heritage, People-Places and Surroundings, Science-Technology and Society, Production-Distribution and Consumption, Active Citizenship and Global Connections. Units are structured as an interconnected and interdisciplinary body of information, skills and values. Values such as justice, independence, peace, being scientific, solidarity, being sensitive, honesty, aesthetic, equality, freedom, respect, love, responsibility and philanthropy are minded.

The aim of Social Science course is to raise individual posessing the following merits;

  • Having 21st century skills,
  • Adopting Ataturk’s laws and principles,
  • Grasping history and culture of the republic,
  • Endowed with basic democratic values,
  • Respectful to human rights,
  • Thinking critically and making creative and accurate decisions,
  • Developing social includance skills and active in social life, productive, aware of one’s ights and responsibilities,
Ecological and sensitive to the world one lives in.