Science course includes common subjects of grade 3 and 4 units. Units cover the subjects such as “Let’s Learn Our Planet, Five Senses, Let’s Learn about Force and Matter, Light and Sounds around Us, Journey to the World of Living Creatures in grade 3; “Earth’s Surface and Movements of the Earth, Nutrients, Effects of the Force, Characteristics of the Matter, Light Power and Sound Technology, Human and Environment, Simple Electric Circuits in grade 4. While covering the units, learning environments are adjusted accourding to differences of the students and they are encouraged to get actively involved in the learning process. Students search, question, discuss and explain events and phenomenon based on cause and effect relationship. They are supported to be able to monitor their own learning process and claim their own products.

Science courses are carried out for three hours in grade 3 and 4. In grade 4, the courses take place in the labs under branch teachers’ supervision. In grade 3, courses are planned collaboratively with classroom and branch teachers. Weekly two lessons in the classroom and one lesson in the labs are carried out with classroom and branch teachers together.

The aim of Science course is to;

  • Monitor changes nearby and in nature and explain the processes based on scientific processes,
  • Learn about scientific knowledge and use it accordingly,
  • Understand interconnection among science, technology, community and environment,
  • Do problem-solving, develop scientific thinking and decision-making,
  • Understand the importance of reliability in scientific studies,
Use and understand basic science concepts, principles, laws and theories.