The training provided by Columbia University about assessing student learning was a great experience for all the English teachers. We felt encouraged about the way they had already developed and used their own assessment tools to inform their practice, but were also able to reflectively step back and look into the effective use of language as they devised tools for the future assessments.

Anneliese Kaptan, Preschool English Department Head

Columbia University CPET Teachers' Academy

To meet Hisar School’s goals of assessing school curriculum, exploring options to improve school curriculum design, and focusing on highly effective teaching practices and strategic instruction toward the mission of students “discovering and developing [their] true potential through critical thinking, effective collaboration and meaningful contributions as world citizens,” CPET* has developed a 2-year coaching overview to address the recommendations from the whole school review and comprehensive report. These options will be specially designed to meet the goals of this project and are flexible as we begin the project and want to offer even more customization.

The two-year proposal includes 5 seasonal visits where two CPET coaches will provide in-depth professional learning experiences on the focus topic of the school year, conduct classroom visits, and meet with school administrators and teacher leaders to support action planning for full implementation of the learning in the coaches’ absence.

With two coaches, we will be able to support K-12 teachers in large group PD sessions, and provide direct, focused professional development with Middle School and High School teachers and administrators.

*CPET: The Center for the Professional Education of Teachers (CPET) is an organization of Teachers College, Columbia University, that is devoted to advancing global capacities in teacher education, research and whole school reform. CPET has been a leader in providing professional development services to schools in New York City and beyond. https://cpet.tc.columbia.edu

Brief Overview of Proposed Professional Development for K – 12, English, Math, and Science departments.

Year 1 –  Focus on Developing an Assessment System and School wide practices

Year 2 –  Focus on Critical Thinking Skills and Meta-Cognition


2019-2020 l Year 1


K-12 English, Math, Science






Online Support

Assessment System

  • Assessment Overview
  • Formative Assessment System
  • Designing Meaningful Tasks
  • Designing Reliable School-wide Rubrics
  • Designing an Assessment Schedule

Assessment for Learning

  • Analyze student data from periodic assessment
  • Strategic planning from student work
  • Formative Checks for Understanding
  • Analyzing Student Work - daily assessment

Online coaching sessions with school leaders to
continue the work between visits.

2020-21 l Year 2


K-12 English, Math, Science










Online Support

Meta-Cognition/ Critical Thinking Skills/ Peer to Peer Discussion


Meta-Cognitive Thinking Skills

  • Self-Awareness - Observation
  • Self-Reflection - Reflective Writing
  • Self-Analysis - Peer to Peer Reflective Discussion
  • Reflective progress over time - Strategies to visualize growth

Critical Thinking Skills

  • Understanding Application
  • Understanding Analysis
  • Understanding Synthesis
  • Understanding Evaluation

February Visit - Creative & Collaborative Thinking Skills

  • Understanding Observation and Imagination
  • Understanding Strategic Collaboration
  • Understanding Questioning and Ambiguity
  • Understanding Multiple Modalities

Online coaching sessions with school leaders to
continue the work between visits.