Information Technologies

Hisar School ITC Department provides information technologies and communications service operating with 7 personnel in the following areas:

  • Server Hardware and Software
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • Communication
  • Audio-Visual Technologies
  • IT Support
  • Software Development

Our services aim to:

Support existing academic activities by implementing, supervising and maintaining requested hardware and software,

Increase efficiency of the school procedures by means of relevant equipment and services,

Ensure accuracy, integrity, information safety and easy access while storing and providing access to school data,

Implement contemporary technology in audio-visual and multimedia services whereby contributing to academic achievement,

Collaborate with the academic staff while facilitating, providing, and supporting new technologies, with the objective to integrate, foster, and promote the development of imagination, creativity, and innovation in students.

ITC Administration

Primary role of the ITC administration is innovating or looking for ways to innovate, to propose, and implement creative ideas to improve education.

ITC administration makes sure that the school has an advanced, well-maintained and strong technology infrastructure (network, hardware, and software) parallel to the school’s vision that empowers school personel to connect, interact and perform their daily functions.

ITC Staff

While acting as a single body, ITC consists of techies who has access and passion for new technologies. Working together, ITC Staff values communication, flexibility and taking initiative when necessary while working with other school personel towards the school vision.