Hisar graduated its first class in 2008 with 23 high school graduates. Today, there is a growing base of 879 Hisar alumni around the world. While hundreds of our graduates are continuing their academic education in some of the most distinguished universities of Turkey and the world, the number of Hisar alumni who have launched successful careers is increasing every year.


The widely attended Hisar Homecoming, number of volunteers for College Coffee Chats, serendipitous teacher visits, cameo appearances in school concerts, alumni music groups formed after Hisar are just some of the examples of how devoted our alumni are to Hisar and to each other.


A Career Filled With Music: Nesli Kohen

A graduate of Hisar High School in 2013, Nesli Kohen went on to study music and psychology at undergraduate and graduate levels, and now pursues a professional music career as a "teaching artist." Teaching music and serving as modern voice instructor to both students and adults, Nesli is also a choir master, acapella conductor and a private tutor at Columbia University. She has given numerous concerts in New York so far. We are very proud of the achievements of Nesli who has made wonderful progress in music at such a young age.

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At Homecoming on Dec 29, our alums returned to Hisar to reunite with their friends, old teachers, and the school. A record-level of 230 alums, faculty and staff attended the event.

There were hot Turkish sausage sandwiches and lively music to warm the soul, old year books and photos to reminisce, and lots of talk, laughter and hugs… There was a video booth set up for alums to talk about their fond memories of Hisar and our current high school students were their interviewers, and in the end, the alums and students both got to know each other and to know more about the school.

Our PTA (Parent Teacher Association) set up a table with Hisar-branded sweatshirts, hats and other items, from which the income was donated to the Hisar Alumni Scholarship Fund that had been launched at Homecoming in June 2015.

Despite it being terribly cold outside, there was a very warm sense of friendship and nostalgia inside…

Kerim Moukadem ’11 welcomed his fellow alums to Homecoming, and asked them to help plan Hisar’s 20th anniversary next year and enrich of the alumni section of the school’s website and urged them to follow us on social media to see all of the wonderful activities their underclassman are partaking in. He also thanked the Advancement office and everyone else who helped for their efforts in making the evening possible. It was night not to have been missed.

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