Information Technologies

Program and Communication Infrastructure

Network (Computer Web): The school campus is connected together via fiber opric cables of 40Gbps. Both cabled and wireless Cisco infrastructure exists throughout the campus. Users can access the wireless network with 400Mbs (802.11ac) and cabled network with 100Mbps/1Gbps speed.

Servers: School’s server infrastructure consists of the virtual machines working on VmWare, machines in the server room and cloud machines on Microsoft Azure.

MacBook Labs: In addition to the two iMac labs in which Information Technologies classes are held and used for research and education purposes when avaliable, our school provides a mini computer lab serving out students and staff in libraries to reach the information fast and effectively.

Internet: 700 Mbps symetric internet connection that supports the nonstop user access and server services is supported with a back-up ADSL network. In addition, all internet traffic is being controlled and protected through firewall and filter devices.

Applications and Systems

School Management System: Our school management system consisting of 5 different portals managing student, staffl and device information in total used by different departments is special to our school and constantly developed and updated by our department.

Learning Management System: Hisar School has been using the Moodle learning management system since 2004. In addition, since 2011-2012 academic year, our School has started using Google Classroom learning platform and Microsoft 365 cloud services efficiently.

Web Site: In September 2013, our school web site was launched with a new interface. Our web site is constantly developed to enable fast access to correct information.

Library Management System: The library otomation system Destiny includes services such as catalogue, roaming, inventory and open catalogue. Destiny is also intergrated to the databases and e-books our school uses. Teachers and students can access this service out of school as well.

Digital Media System: All DVD movie and documentary archive is transfered to media servers and accessible to our students and personnel to be used on smart boards within school and our website out of school.

Education Software: An education platform is used within our school for the purpose of integrating technology to the classes of all subjects. Some of these softwares are corporate education sotware as follows; Morpha Campus, Brainpop, Triptico, Flockabulary, Linguascope, Razkids, Mozaweb, PurpleMash, Showbie, Adobe Suite, TinyBob.

Policy on Technology Use

Hisar School believes that when used efficiently, technology provides numerous and invaluable opportunities and experiences for the users (student, teacher, staff). When technology is used to support educational programs, it will assist students to gain 21st century skills... Read more

Technical Support and Professional Development

Technical Support: Information Technologies Help Desk supports teachers and administrative staff between 07.45am and 16.30pm on week days. Students can receive help for all kinds of questions they may have consulting any of the personnel in Information Technologies Office within school working ours. Students can ask for help via e-mail outside school working hours.

Professional Development: Information Technologies department organizes seminars throughout the academic year to inform teachers and administrative staff about the latest technological developments. Education Technologies Coordinator helps teachers and administrative staff on topics below:

  • Provide professional development opportunities supporting the lesson plans and focusing on the priorities of the school.
  • Help teachers develop and update their knowledge of the technology and ability to use it.
  • Provide opportunities to discuss and evaluate the information learned.
  • Help teachers to master in transferring information and guiding one another.