Hisar School has Elementary School, Middle School and High School libraries. Our libraries aim to provide access to all sources of information the students need for their education and to effectively participate in the efforts of the level of education they are affiliated with.

Our libraries' collection includes books, periodicals, references, audio-visual materials, maps and electronic resources. These sources are classified in accordance with Dewey Decimal Classification system and presented in open shelves to users. Our libraries are equipped with technological features aimed at supporting education. The collection of our libraries, which is also open to the parents, may be browsed online.

With a view to transforming our libraries into an academic activities center, we provide our users with user training sessions to introduce them to the library and resources at the beginning of each academic year. We introduce our users who do research to the tools and methods available to them to access information in the easiest and most productive manner. We provide counseling services to contribute in the development of literacy skills as well as homework counseling to instill the habit of citing sources and to use information sources.


Library Rules

You may reach the library rules here.


Library Working Hours

Hisar School library working hours are as follows:

Monday-Thursday: 08.30-15.30

Friday: 8.30-15.00

Library is not open on weekends.



Contact information

Primary School: 0212 364 00 00 (186)

High School: 0212 364 00 00 (386-388)


Library Catalogue

You may reach the library catalogue here and search for resources.


Online databases we have subscription to:

Britannica School




Sayısal Kitap
Turkish e-Book Platform

(You may reach us for your questions regarding access to the resources.)

Useful Documents

You may reach the useful documents here