High School

Hisar School provides a strong academic program, co-curricular activities, highly experienced staff, and supports the students in many ways to enter universities of their choice both in Turkey and in foreign countries.

In our day, high academic achievement, knowledge, and a modern education are not sufficient to pursue a successful life. It is necessary for individuals to know themselves very well and also to set clear goals. They should have the capability to select and choose the opportunities they need from among numerous prospects, in a planned and organized manner, and walk confidently toward achieving their goals.

With these objectives in mind, students at Hisar High school are given guidance in line with their skills and abilities. The Career Planning Center works with each high school student, starting in the 9th grade and provides individual support and preparation for their higher education. Two college counselors for universities abroad, and one counselor for Turkish universities work with students so that each one of our graduates can be placed in a university that is right for that individual, and is in line with his/her needs and interests.

In order to help Hisar students make the best career choices, various professions are introduced to our students through internships during the summer months. The internships give students the opportunity to obtain a better understanding of their own skills, to realize whether the professions they are intending to choose are right for them, and contribute greatly to their personal development.

Okan Uzelli

High School Principal

Impact of elective courses on career orientation

One of the main goals of our high school is to prepare students for universities and life in general, in the best possible way. Hisar high school has the statute of High school with some courses in English. In courses such as mathematics, science, and many electives, teaching is in the English language. When students complete their high school education, they are able to become a functioning member of society. They have mastery of the English language, and are very well equipped through a strong academic structure. They have developed strong character in the process.

Like all high schools in Turkey, the 9th grade is when all branch courses are offered. Starting with the 10th grade, students choose area courses and elective courses that they should take in relation to their career tendencies, interests, and abilities. In this way, high school education supports their prospects for careers, areas of interest, and individual skills.

The bilingual education students are getting helps them to express their ideas comfortably in a foreign language. The international projects our students participate in support them in becoming knowledged in current affairs and events, and additionally help them develop intellectually. Students who join MUN activities can take part in brain storming sessions, suggest resolutions following discussions and debates, and prepare conclusive reports about the decisions made, all in the English language.

In the Debate Club students advocate or negate various ideas and subjects both in Turkish and in English, depending on the issue. Hisar School English Speaking Union helps students develop skills in public speaking. Projects, conferences, and tournaments in Turkey or in foreign countries provide opportunities for students to develop their self-confidence, also broadening their horizons.

The AP Program opens the way to universities abroad

Advance Placement (AP) is a program implemented first in USA, and then applied all over the world. The AP program is recognized and implemented in more than 60 countries, and provides an opportunity for students to take university level courses while they are still at high school, and be exempt from these courses as they go into higher education. Taking the AP program and AP courses is a big advantage for our students as it accelerates acceptance to universities. These courses are an indicator that these students are better prepared for a university education than those who have not taken any AP courses. These students have taken and passed some courses at university level while they were in high school. In Hisar School, AP courses are selected by taking into consideration students’ needs and desires.

A teacher for each student

Advisors work closely with students and keep track of their development in a multitude of areas. They also play an important role in establishing good relationships between students and their parents. Each student beginning high school is assigned an advisor who keeps track of the student’s academic, social, emotional, and behavioral development throughout high school.

Social awareness through many social responsibility projects

We attribute importance not only to academic success, but also to the personality development of our students, and we support this cause through a multitude of extra-curricular activities. The social responsibility projects give students an awareness of social concerns and problems, and the capacity to define problems and master the skills to plan and materialize solutions.

Our Community Services Department offers a wide scope of significant activities which our students can participate in throughout the academic year and in the summer. Students participate in projects both in the close vicinity of our school, and also in other parts of Turkey, like Mardin, Ağrı, Gaziantep, and Artvin. This year, they traveled to Kosovo, taking the project to an international level.

We develop skills in music and sports

We offer many opportunities for our students in music, arts, and in sports.

The Culture and Sport Center opened in the beginning of the 2009-2010 academic year, and the soccer field opened in the beginning of 2011 aim to enhance our learning environment. Within the short history of this school, our high school students have competed in sports competitions as licensees, and played on national teams. Our Friendship and Sports Festival organized for the first time in 2010, hosts challenging competitions for three days by teams participating in various types of sports from many schools.

Hisar graduates stand out with their leadership qualities in the universities they go to

Some of our graduates are about to graduate from many prestigious universities both in Turkey and in foreign countries, and will go into professional life soon.

Hisar School follows up the performance of its graduates closely. We are pleased and proud of witnessing that our graduates are becoming self-confident, productive, and successful individuals, who can make a difference with their strong personalities and rich experiences.

Communication with School Administration

Our school attaches great importance to communication with our parents. School staff and administrators aim to be open to parents' questions, problems and suggestions. An idea or suggestion put forward by our parents is handled with the attention and with the guidance of corporate principles, and feedback is given to our parents. The teachers are primarily responsible for issues related to the education of our students. The first meeting should be done with our teachers by making an appointment. And if necessary, the relevant Deputy Principal and/or School Principal should be consulted.

Thoughts and suggestions about the general services of the school (service, food, etc.) are not expected to be made through the student. It is important that this communication must be notified in a written document to the relevant Deputy Principal.