Hisar’s teachers are qualified professionals from the UK, the US, Canada, and Australia with Master’s degrees. Our school and program is certified by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Every year our students take the ISA exam, an Australian assessment for international schools that tests students on their language and math abilities in English. Our averages are equal to some of the top international schools in the world.

Our Goals

At Hisar, we pride ourselves on our students’ English ability and focus on creating individuals capable of thriving among native speakers. When Hisar students leave middle school in the 8th grade, our aim is that they be competent in preparing and leading a debate on contemporary issues, making an argument in essay form, and reading and critiquing complex texts ranging from fiction novels to modern documentaries. We also emphasize the development of 21st century skills. In keeping with this and with the mission of Hisar, students learn how to work collaboratively in groups, develop effective long term strategies for studying, think critically about their own work and behavior and use technology efficiently in research and project design. We build these skills gradually, starting with short paragraph writing and presentations in fifth grade, gradually raising the level of difficulty each year, until in 8th grade students are writing research papers on modern problems and leading formal debates.