French courses in middle school are scheduled as 4 hours in grade 5-6-7 and 3 hours in grade 8.

Aim of Middle School French courses is to develop students’ mastery in basic vocabulary and structure of Fernch language. Besides, being able to express themselves basically and learn about French culture are of great importance.

5. Sınıf

Grade 5 French course topics comprise of introducing oneself, greetings, apologizing, filling a form, alphabet, classroom language, verbs –to have and –to be, forms of question, dialogue practice, lessons, school objects, colors, numbers (0-50), negative sentences, hobbies, sports and music, family members, phsycial descriptions, pets, introducing a third person, foods and drinks, shopping, ordering food, days-months-seasons, sending/receiving invitation cards and the weather.

The course is supported with unit booklets prepared by the teachers, videos, films, Ipad and various activities.

6. Sınıf

Grade 6 French courses include topics of occupations, countries and nationalities, numbers (0-1000), describing personalities and appearences of people, introducing a person, affirmative/negative sentences, forms of question, conjuctions, descriptive adjectives, names of the places, clothes, the weather, shopping dialogues, days, telling time, names of the lessons, organizing and presenting course list, daily routines, holiday and free time activities.

7. Sınıf

Grade 7 German program offer the topics such as parts of a house, the furniture, prepositions of place and direction, places in a town, giving directions, past tense and adverbs of the past,holiday activities (telling about past holiday), parts of the body, diseases, doctor-patient dialogues, detailed daily routines, future tense, future plans and telling about future holiday.

8. Sınıf

Grade 8 French courses comprise of topics such as artists around the world, music genres, instruments, biographies, songs, film genres, actors, designing posters, physical and personal descriptions, types of social media, importance of social media, advantages and disadvantages of social media, designing a blog, famous French scientists and their inventions, designing one’s own product, colors, fabrics, patterns, dressing and style, famous people with interesting styles, recipes, shopping dialogues, research on local foods, dialogues in a restaurant, designing a place and inventing a slogan.