Hisar students learn Spanish at the beginner level from grade 5 ‘till grade 12. We apply Common European Framework (CEFR) in our curriculum. We aim to teach a second language after English by supplying basic grammar and vocabulary knowledge for them to understand and use basic sentences to develop their speaking and writing skills they use in daily life.

At the end of the academic year, grade 8 students are ready to express themselves in Spanish, know about present, past and future tenses. That gives them the knowledge to take A1 level test for Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Diploma De Espanol Lengua Extranjera-DELE). Internationally recognized certificate is given by Cervantes Institute and offers the students to use the language in Spanish speaking countries. The certificate promotes achievements of the students and allows them to go on with AP Spanish Culture and Language program offered by College Board in the U.S.A.

Spanish language teachers encourage their students to look into the cultures of Spanish speaking countries and also their own. As an example to these, students participate in various activities such as Spanish JMUN conference, Gastronomy Club, spelling competition, Spanish Culture Week, exhibitions and arts, music and cultural activities organized by Cervantes Institute.

In the middle school, 4 hours of Spanish language course is provided to grade 5,6 and 7 and 3 hours to grade 8. There are 5 teachers from Venezuela, Spain and Turkey in Spanish Language Department. Educational materials are provided in consideration with our curriculum. In addition, we integrate technology to our lessons to vary communication methods in the classroom. We focus on developing 21st century learning skills, collaboration and team work, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.