Music education is carried out as a group lesson in Preschool, grade 1, 2 and 3. the Students are gradually trained for branches they are going to take part in from th starting of grade 4. Students master in the branch of their choice throughout their Middle and High School education.

Branch Courses

The students carry out their Music courses with the instruments they choose according to their interests and skills from grade 4. The courses designed considering the curriculum of Ministry of Education.

The foundation of this system is based on the instrument our students choose. However, understanding which instrument is right for the student can take a while.

Finding out the right instrument for the student is the result of teacher observation during grade 3.

Our students carry out their practices by choosing from instruments such as piano, violin, classical guitar, flute, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, vocal and percussion until the end of grade 8. They have the opportunity to increase number of instrument they play in high school thanks to elective courses.

Starting from grade 5, Orchestra Clubs at the level of Middle and High School have the opportunity make music in group.

By focusing on their branch of instrument, we aim to gradute students with mastery of a musical instrument and taking part in school orchestra in their school years