In our English program MindUP is applied in every other week. The program aims to put together gaining knowledge about the brain, raising awareness, socio-emotional awareness and development. The content of the program is based on positive psychology. It aims to create positive learning environment, decreasing the stress level and developing relationships in schools and classrooms. It puts different students, especially art and stories together in order to understand socio-emotional areas and their effects on children. The program aims to raise awareness on different parts of the brain and to develop the skill of self-regulation.

English Language Acquisition Approach

Our English program also applies High Scope which is a half-day program that goes in line with the Turkish program. Our method exposes children to English in variety of natural English environments. Students learn English language the same way they acquire their native language. Language is acquired through a theme-based approach. Students draw conclusions from connections among the themes. Each unit mentions every subject in our program. Comprehension, visuals, songs, games, stories and physical activities are well supported. The teachers measure students’ English level and satisfy individual needs of the children. To do that, differentiated questions and discussions, repetition, peer support, raising motivation and students’ area of interest are consulted.

Phonology Knowledge

In our English program, ‘Synthetic-Phonics Approach’ is utilized in early literacy. In this method, each sound is introduced on a certain sequence. The kids use this knowledge to read each sound of a short word. Students learn to identify correspondence of sounds and letters. As soon as they learn certain letters, they start to read phonemes. Aim of the program is learning phonics and reading instead of writing. Main focus is to allow our students to differentiate mostly confused letters between Turkish and English. Moreover, we aim to introduce sight words that are frequently used by this age group. By doing so, we encourage them to read fluently.