Primary School

Hisar Schools support an innovative and universal educational philosophy revealing students’ personal skills and differences.

Our aim in Primary School is to raise individuals who are academically well-equipped, native-like English users, learn how to learn and understand necessity of lifelong learning, devoted to Atatürk’s principles, sensitive to their environment, become integrated with universal values, thinking and questioning.

The academic program encourages students to reach their social, cultural and sportive goals. As innovative, open for improvement and well-equipped professionals, our teachers play an active role in preparing and developing the program.

Meral Olcay

Primary School Principal

Our Education System and High/Scope Education Model

We form a learning environment where students reveal their true potentials and advance them to higher levels. Our school provides a globally known Constructivist Education Approach through appropriate education and learning models. The education system provides opportunities for a student-friendly environment and learning through daily life experiences, access to information, interpreting, regenerating habits, emphasizing inner motivation and participation.

We present High/Scope developmental education model to students from grade 1-3 to let them become successful and happy individuals in the future. The teachers encourage students to study in small and large groups to learn effectively in High/Scope. The students achieve basic knowledge and skills required by the curriculum in a natural way. Our course programs involve the curriculum of MEB and are consolidated with program development works.

We apply contemporary models and different learning methods considering personal differences and characteristics of our students. In this regard, “Plan-Do-Review (PCG) ” and “Movement Training” courses can only be seen in our program.

Unique Value Judgment

We would like to have students who can make their own judgment and conclusions without taking others’ opinions and current trending concepts into consideration. We encourage our students to form their own value system showing them their path in life.

Positive Discipline

Our discipline methods are based on “I language”, “encouraging instead of praise” and “body language”. Through this method we aim to support self-control not depending on punishment and reward approach. Treating with respect, we set an environment where students can develop skills they need for a successful life. Behaving appropriately in lack of external control and internalizitaion of this process is the ultimate requirement of true discipline.

Testing and Evaluation

Curriculum of the school defines testing and evaluation as the inseparable part of teaching and learning. Methods and tools of testing and evaluation for each field are described in the curriculum. Evaluation criteria of the school is not stricted to unit’s curriculum. It also includes intellectual, creative, emotional, physical and social development of the students. Testing and evaluation in Hisar Primary school includes in process-oriented evaluation (evaluation of learning/objectives) and result-oriented (evaluation of the learning). The school periodically informs the parents about progress of the students. They share information related to behavior, studies and learning styles of the students. Along the year, data gathered from testing and evaluation is provided to the parents through progress reports.

Communication with School Administration

Our school attaches great importance to communication with our parents. School staff and administrators aim to be open to parents' questions, problems and suggestions. An idea or suggestion put forward by our parents is handled with the attention and with the guidance of corporate principles, and feedback is given to our parents. The teachers are primarily responsible for issues related to the education of our students. The first meeting should be done with our teachers by making an appointment. And if necessary, the relevant Deputy Principal and/or School Principal should be consulted.

Thoughts and suggestions about the general services of the school (service, food, etc.) are not expected to be made through the student. It is important that this communication must be notified in a written document to the relevant Deputy Principal.