Information Technologies

Information Technologies; problem-solving and programming course is carried out in corporation with K12 by Information Technologies Department. Information Technologies course is comprised of the units such as “Information and Communication Technologies”, “Digital Goods Production”, “Communication, Research and Collaboration”, “Calculated Thinking” and “Ethics and Security”. Students are able to integrate what they learn in other courses to information technologies course through interdisciplinary studies. In that way they can make sense of what they learn.

Problem-solving and programming course aims to develop analytical thinking and coding skills of the students. The course is carried out in computerized and non-computerized environments. It covers thinking, design, application and coding skills.

Primary School InformationTechnologies Courses

In our school, information technologies course takes place starting from grade 2. Throughout the academic year, subjects such as “Information and Communication Technologies”, “Digital Goods Production”, “Communication, Research and Collaboration”, “Calculated Thinking” and “Ethics and Security” are covered and updated in line with the technological advancements and students’ interests, desires and needs.

In all grades interdisciplinary studies take place and students are aimed to make sense of what they have learnt in other courses by using information technologies.

Primary School Problem-Solving and Programming Courses

Problem-solving and Programming course is provided to students of grade 2 and 3 in order to develop their coding and analytical-information processing related skills.

The course is created to improve cognitive, applied and productive skills of the students. It covers curriculum units such as identifying the problems, generating proper solutions, understanding the concept of algorithm and developing analytical thinking skills. It also covers plugged and unplugged programming activities.

Primary School Workshops

Workshops aim to gather the students in order to introduce them to different themes in field of Information Technologies. Primary school workshops are held in grade 3 and 4. Workshops are carried out under the guidance of computer teachers and with the help of high school students.

"Programming for Kids" at Primary School

Students who wish to take part in “Programming” field can participate in this club. The club offers basic achievements of Information Technologies course. The club addresses to the students of grade 3 and 4. It aims to develop our students in programming. Throughout the club period students can experience every step of project development.

Policy on Technology Use

Hisar School believes that when used efficiently, technology provides numerous and invaluable opportunities and experiences for the users (student, teacher, staff). When technology is used to support educational programs, it will assist students to gain 21st century skills... Read more