Edinburgh Science Festival Trip

A group of our 7th grade students went to Edinburgh trip on April 3rd-7th, to participate in the 26th International Science Festival.

A group of our 7th grade students went to Edinburgh trip on 3-7 April to participate in the 26th International Science Festival. This is Hisar’s second year attending the International Edinburgh Science Festival. Through out the trip, our students gained many opportunities to participate in workshops and activities to consolidate their knowledge from science classes to real life.

Our students visited “City Art Centre”, “National Museum of Scotland”, “Our Dynamic Earth” and “Camera Obscura” at the Edinburgh Science Festival. They also participated in the Science Centre workshops in Scotland’s largest city,Glasgow and watched the Barnum musical at the Kings Theatre.

Our 7th graders visited City Art Center which is considered as the heart of Edinburgh Science Festival, and they attended workshops on Crime Scene Investigation and Emergency Room. At the ER Surgery workshop, our students became ER doctors and experienced methods that may save the patient’s life such as blood test, x-ray film shoot and endoscopy.

The Animal World Gallery at the National Museum of Scotland attracted the most attention from our students. They participated in the interactive activities, where they became more familiar with the animal world, at the museum.

The Street School Museum which was built by architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1906, showcase the education system from late 19th century to late 20th century and students had the opportunity to learn about it.

Our Dynamic Earth interactive exhibitions including 4D and 3D experiments, prepared a journey from past, present and to the future of the world with fantastic technology for our students. This journey was fun as well as instructive from the barren tundra of the ocean depths to the Dynamic Earth.

Camera Onscure established in 1853, which lists on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Not only it gives an opportunity to see the panoramic views of the city of Edinburgh but also captures vortex tunnel, fun optical experiences such as mirror maze.

The most exciting part of theiır trip was Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park. The most interesting part of the park, where our students are most attracted to, were elephants, lions, giraffes, sea lions and “Bird Oder Prey” flying show case.

Students also participated in Edinburgh Castle trip and the famous King’s Theatre Glasgow, where they watched Barnum musical.

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling wrote her “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” book at cafes in Edinburgh. Our students are inspired by author J.K. Rowlings’s books who still lives in Edinburgh, in their English courses performance task. They also visited The Elephant House café where the author named pne of the heros of this book and had a chance to see Greyfriars Kirkyard, which is the inspiration behind this character. Gretfriars Kirkyard is also famous for the tomb and the statue of a famous dog called Bobby, who loved and loyal to police man named John Gray.

Our students gained experiences in this trip and allow better understanding of topics that they learned in their science classes this year. It also creates informational reference source in coming years.