Hisar School started the school year with new renovations that were completed over the summer.

In Block A, the exhaust system was enhanced and the roof was repaired. We also changed the lighting system and door insulation of the computer lab, and renovated the toilets.

In Block B, we made some decorative changes. Bean bags were placed around the lounge so that students can gather and share ideas with each other. Sometimes, lessons take place on these colorful bean bags. Columns were painted in fun colors, and the library was also renovated.

In Block C, the Student Idea Lab, Computer lab and EdTech Lab were renovated and a new Multi-Media Lab was created next to the library. On the 3rd floor, the Prep and Turkish Literature classrooms were also renovated.

The landscape in front of the school was redone, the new design includes seating areas for students to use during their breaks. The security system was upgraded and 15 new cameras were added to the system. Fire extinguishers were replaced in accordance with regulations. Decorative shelves and electrical panels on the ceiling of the theater in the KSM were repaired. We replaced 550 seats in the Hisar Sports Center, many of which had been broken.